*Please read our FAQ to better understand the difference in prices.

Spa Manicure (regular polish)                       $23 - $35

Gel Manicure                                               $26- $38

Spa Gel Manicure                                         $38 - $50

Kids Manicure (10 & under)                           $17

Kids Gel Manicure (10 & under)                     $25

Gel Polish Removal-Only                               $15

BioSculpture Gel

*Kids prices do not apply to BioSculpture services.

BioSculpture Gel (on bare nails)                    $37 - $52

BioSculpture Gel Fill                                     $42 - $57

BioSculpture Gel Extensions                          $58 - $88

BioSculpture Removal-Only                           $20

Acrylic Nails

*We use only the best acrylic on the market. No MMA is ever used as this is very harmful for your nails and health. Read more about it on our FAQ page.

Full Set Acrylic (sculpted extensions)              $39 - $69

Acrylic Fill                                                    $30 - $45

Acrylic Overlay (on bare nails)                       $35 - $50                               


*For detailed hand painted nail art that takes longer then an hour to do, customer will be charged an additional $20 per hour.

Art (2 nails only)                                          $5

Custom Art (3 nails or more)                         $10

Hard Gel Glitter (3 nails or more)                  $10

Matte Nails                                                  $5

Glitter French                                              $7

Additional color (2 or more)                          $5+

French                                                        $5

Rhinestones                                                $5+

Swarovski Crystals                                        $7+

Nail Repairs                                                 $4+

Nail Strengthener Gel                                   $5


**All prices and services listed on this website are subject to change without notice                                        


** Created and Designed by Paixão! Who needs water when you can get Luxurious Hot Towels!?! Wrap your head around the cleanest and most sanitary pedicure in Albuquerque** #experiencetheclean

  • Indulge your feet in steaming hot towels throughout this entire service.

  • Includes three (yes, three) soothing massages using our hand made exfoliating sugar scrub, nourishing body butter and a hydrating lotion.


*Did you know? At Paixao classic means regular polish?

  • Classic Pedicure                                      $38 - $45

  • Kids Classic Pedicure (10 & under)            $25


*Did you know? Our gel is a 100% pure gel formula that maintains the integrity of  the natural nail  health? Yea, can you believe it? We use the same gel on your hands too!

  • Gel Pedicure                                         $48 - $55

  • Kids Gel Pedicure (10 & under)               $30


*This add on is one you don't want to skip. You will be surprised at what comes off your feet. We dare you to try it!

  • Callus Wrap (with a pedicure)                  $10

  • Callus Wrap (without a pedicure)              $20                                                                                                                                                                      

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