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Hand Care

Foot Care

Why should salons be boring? Our services are offered in a luxurious, chic, and professional atmosphere.

*We make our own line of exfoliating scrubs and hydrating lotions. Offering 4 scents: Grapefruit Mint Tea, Coconut Lime, Pomegranate, and Lavender Vanilla.

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Who needs water when you can get Luxurious Hot Towels?

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Paixão Signature Hot Towel Manicure

$30 -$40

Service starts with trimming, shaping, and buffing. Enjoy a spa hot towel treatment using our hand made sugar scrub. Finish with Paixão's cuticle oil and a luxurious massage using our hand made lotion.

*Choose from over 150, 10-Free BioSculpture lacquer colors.

Manicured Nails
No Chip Gel Manicure

$33 - $43

This is a dry manicure, as soaking in water can cause lifting. Nails are prepped by trimming, shaping and buffing to perfection. Choose from our 180+ colors of 100% pure gel line of products. Cuticle and hands are re-hydrated using our very own cuticle oil and hand made lotion. 

*Add a spa hot towel treatment for $12

nail file
5-Star Safety Rated BioSculpture Gel Manicure

$45 - $57

Service starts with trimming, shaping, and buffing. Followed by the application of this amazing gel, which is infused with multiple vitamins designed to enhance your natural nails, promote nail health and growth.  The finishing touch includes Paixão's very own cuticle oil and massage using our hand made lotion.

*Add a spa hot towel treatment for $12

BioSculpture Gel Fill

$50 - $62

After trimming, shaping and buffing, BioSculpture is re-applied to each nail. This technique allows your nails to benefit from this vitamin infused product. Service is finished by re-hydrating the cuticles using Paixão's cuticle oil followed by a hand massage.

*Add a spa hot towel treatment for $12

French Manicure
BioSculpture Gel Extensions

$65 - $95

Using the BioSculpture system, this service adds length to your existing nails. Glued tips are never used, each nail is professionally customized using a nail form.  Service is finished by re-hydrating the cuticles using Paixão's cuticle oil followed by a hand massage.

*Add a spa hot towel treatment for $12

Full Set Acrylic Extensions

$45 - $75

After preparing your nail bed for this enhancement, nail length is then extended sing nail forms. Service is finished with our hand made cuticle oil and lotion massage.

*Add a spa hot towel treatment for $12

Acrylic Fill

$35 - $50

Prepare nail bed for re-application of acrylic, then file and shape to perfection. Finish with our hand made cuticle oil and lotion massage.

*Add a spa hot towel treatment for $12

Acrylic Overlay

$40 - $55

This service is an alternative to the acrylic "dip" nails. We use a professional grade of acrylic which is then applied over the natural nail as an enhancement. Finished with our hand made cuticle oil and lotion massage.

*Add a spa hot towel treatment for $12

Getting Manicure
Kids Manicure
10 & under


Trim, file and shape nails. Polish.

*Add gel for $5

Hair Styling

Melissa and Mariana are independent stylists. They determine their own prices, scheduling, and payments. To book with them click the link below. 



Paixao will be hiring our own stylists for your convenience. Gift Card use will be available for those stylists.

Melissa  Morales - 505.261.7911

Mariana Gomez - 505.907.5582

A Woman's Haircut
Hair Cuts


Call or book online to reserve an appointment.

--Women's                                        $42

--Kids                                                 $20

Hair Wash


Book a special treatment today. 

--Shampoo/Straight Blowout         $35

--Shampoo/Curled Blowout           $38

--Brazilian Blowout/Split Ends        $45

--Olaplex Treatment                        $65

--Toners                                            $48

Dying Hair
Color Treatments


Color prices are based on length and hair density. *Prices can be adjusted during client consultations.

--Color re-touch, 3 fingers/less          $45

--Highlight re-touch, 3 fingers/less    $65

--Balayage                                            $130-$230

--Extraction                                           $110-$335

Lashes & Brows

Our lash and brow treatments are the perfect add on to any service. Schedule your appointment today!

Green Eyes and Makeup
Eyebrow Lamination


This treatment smooths brows in a vertical direction, hiding small gaps and creating an illusion of a fuller brow.

Eyebrows Makeup
Eyebrow Tinting


A safe solution is used to tint eyebrows. A beautiful addition for a flawless look.

Blue Eye on Grey Background
Eyelash Lift


This treatment boosts and lifts each individual lash for longer looking lashes.

Long Eyelashes
Eyelash Tinting


This treatment is done using a safe product to tint your lashes. Works great with our eyelash lift service.

Paixão Signature Hot Towel Pedicure

$43 - $50

Indulge your feet in steaming hot towels throughout this entire service. Includes three (yes, three) soothing massages using our hand made exfoliating sugar scrub, nourishing body butter and hydrating lotion. 

*Choose from over 150, 10-Free BioSculpture lacquer colors.

No Chip Gel Pedicure

$53 - $60

This service includes all of the amazing steps that you get from our Signature Hot Towel Pedicure. At the end of this service choose from our 180+ colors of 100% pure gel line of products..

Beauty Spa
Kids Pedicure
10 & under


A miniature version of our Hot Towel Pedicure is customized to fit your little ones perfect toes. 

*Add gel for $5

Stones on Foot
Paixão Hot Stone Treatment


Have tired hands or feet? What better way to treat them with our Hot Stone Treatment. This amazing "add-on" will leave your hands and feet feeling relaxed and refreshed. We've made it even better adding a longer Hot Stone Massage. 

*Add this to any hand or foot service.

Nail Art
Service Add-Ons

$5 +

For detailed hand painted nail art that takes longer than an hour to complete, customer will be charged an additional $20/hr

--Nail Repairs                                       $5+

--Nail Strengthener                             $7

--Accent Nail (2 nails only)                  $7

--Custom Art (3 nails or more)            $12

--Matte Nails                                        $7

--French                                                $7+

--Rhinestones/Swarovski                     $7+

--Callus Wrap with Pedi                       $15

--Callus Wrap w/out Pedi                    $25

Hair Removal

All waxing services are done by Paixão's Beauty Professionals.

* Now offering body sugaring with Sarah... a less invasive form of hair removal. Schedule an appointment with Sarah today.

Eyebrow Plucking
Brow Shaping

$20 - $25

Re-shape brows using waxing or *sugaring techniques.

Beautiful Smile
Facial Hair Removal

$15 - $65

Facial hair removal using waxing or *sugaring techniques.

--Chin                      $15-*$20

--Lip                         $15-*$20

--Full face                $50-*$65

Women in Natural Color Underwear
Body Hair Removal

$15 - $75

Full body hair removal using waxing or *sugaring techniques.


--Underarms            $22-$30*

--Arms                      $30-$40* plus

--Legs                       $55+

--Bikini                      $40-$50*

--Brazilian                 $65-$75*

--Chest/Back            $55-$70*

--Stomach                $35-$45*

--Toes                       $15-$20*

--Nostrils                  $20


Paixão Esthetics is now being offered in the salon. Natalia, our esthetician specializes in numerous types of facials. Schedule an appointment today and take advantage of these amazing services.  

Back Massage
Back Facial


Struggling with back acne? Or just want a relaxing hour to yourself? Relax and refresh with this hour long back facial that includes a double cleanse, extractions, masque, gentle massage, and finishing products. 60 min.

Relaxing Facial
Ultimate Glow Facial


This is our basic facial. It's perfect for monthly maintenance. One hour of a fully customized combination of manual or ultrasonic extractions, enzyme or physical exfoliation, hydro-jelly mask, facial ice rolling and finishing products. Sure to leave you glowing like never before. 60 min.

Man Getting a Facial
Express Facial


If you're short on time and your skin needs a little extra boost, this facial is for you! This 30 minute fully customized treatment includes double cleanse with steam towels, light exfoliation to encourage skin regeneration and a soothing mask, ending with a gentle massage, and finishing products. *Extractions not included but can be added to service.

30 min.

Ultrasonic Facial


Dealing with acne and congestion? This facial uses sound waves and vibrations to lift out dead skin cells, blackheads, debris, bacteria, oil, and everything else that gets trapped in your pores. Post extractions, the ultrasonic sound waves and vibrations help with product penetration of serums and creams specific to your skin care needs. 60 min.

Dermaplane Facial


Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation treatment that uses a surgical steel scalpel to remove vellus hair (aka peach fuzz) and dead skin cells by gently scraping the skin. Benefits include: better product penetration and absorption, smoother makeup application, more radiant complexion, even skin tone and texture, and can even lighten the appearance of dark spots after several treatments. No downtime. *Do not book if you have several acne lesions/cysts present. 60 min.

Momma to be Facial


The mommy to be facial is perfect for expectant and breast-feeding mothers. This relaxing facial includes physical exfoliation, extractions, gentle massage, and a combination of enzymes and serums targeting pigmentation and brightening of the skin. This treatment also includes a "belly facial" which contains a hydro jelly mask and serums to target hydration and pigmentation from stretch marks. Ending this treatment with LED light therapy, you're sure to leave refreshed, relaxed and revived. All products are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Not recommended for pregnant women in their third trimester. 90 min.

Two Women in Underwear
Booty Facial


A booty facial or "fanny facial" is similar to a back facial but is specifically designed for your butt. This treatment is intended to help get rid of dark spots and acne. Includes a cleanse with steam towels, dry brushing, sugar scrub, extractions (if needed) and finishing products. Good for all skin types. 45 min.

bikini bottoms


Sooth your skin after a Brazilian wax or sugaring service with a hydro-jelly mask that leaves your skin glowing and hydrated. The Vajacial treats ingrown hairs, removes dead skin cells and smooths bumps around the bikini line. *Add a Vajacial to your next Brazilian for a discounted rate of $25. 30 min.

Facial Products


  • LED Light Therapy - LED light therapy is mainly used to boost collagen production and kill acne causing bacteria. This is a 10-20 minute add on to almost any facial that increases the results of your facial. $15

  • Hydro-jelly Mask - Hydro-jelly masks are deeply hydrating and nourishing with multiple benefits. These masks aid in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, cooling off the skin with anti-inflammatory ingredients, and helping facilitate skin repair. *Included in some facials. Ask for details. $15

  • High Frequency - High frequency uses high frequency waves to kill acne causing bacteria as well as diminish fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment also helps with healing and preventing acne lesions as well as increasing skin circulation. $15

  • Extraction - Careful and decisive cleaning of pores can be added to most facials. $10